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A business leverage and income generation expert who has brokered individual deals to the value of $54 million dollars throughout her career. Colleen is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs and business minded individuals establish a business that allows their focus to be on their Clients and bringing in new business, which is where their focus should be. For those who are working 40 plus hour weeks and feeling like they are drowning in paperwork, and money is flying out the door as fast as it comes in, YOU ARE NOT ALONE. WE’RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER.

Colleen has dedicated herself to sharing what she has learned and has therefore written “The Secrets of a Million Dollar Deal; 12 steps to income generation” (grab your free copy) and has also created several products outlining the powerful strategies that she herself has used to not only build her own business, but those of her many Clients.

After earning a bachelor degree in Electronic Engineering and Business Marketing, Colleen decided to focus on Sales & Marketing. During her career, she has spent her days pitching and winning over Clients such as Australia Post, Visy Industries, all sectors of the Government (Federal and State, Local and not for profit), National Australia Bank, Origin, Optus, Cadbury Schweppes, Fosters, Linfox, Pacific Brands, and a number of other large players, including the AFL. She has also consulted to many high profile speakers and business owners. This is not said to impress you but to let you know she is the ‘real deal’.    READ MORE




Unlock the secrets to creating income through Doing Deals. You will learn key information on how to identify, control, implement & close mutually beneficial deals, & the skill set required to do so in order to grow your business, with your teams, no matter what industry you are in or what product or service you provide.

Once you know the Science, you can use this process to do deals with the media, you can use it to create joint ventures (one of my favourite leveraged strategies to grow your business), or to potentially engage affiliate partners to help promote your business to their networks.

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Success does not come from making sales at the expense of the buyer’s trust through schemes or trickery. You may make a sale or two this way, but finding repeat business from these Clients will be a huge challenge. If you want lasting Client relationships and a large number of referrals, it is actually the complete opposite, especially in this day and age of social media where you cannot hide your reputation easily.

So, what is the mindset that makes the difference in the marketplace? What is the mindset that makes the difference to your Clients and the teams of people you employ that will turn them all into huge supporters and champions of your business?



Create innovative profit centers, and systematically build your business on multiple income generating pillars that support it. So, if one pillar collapses or is no longer effective, it is an inconvenience but it will not terminate your business’ ability to exist. We will teach you how to identify and create additional revenue pillars through clever strategies that add credibility to your brand in the marketplace. In addition, we teach businesses how to better utilise virtual business strategies to reduce costs….increasing efficiencies and effectiveness..


Ben Angel

Colleen’s ability to add value to my business by creating joint venture deals with high profile contacts helped us fill our national round of events. Her ability to not only manage these events but to support me in getting deals done with the participants, in a friendly, supportive manner using all her negotiation skills, added thousands of dollars to our bottom line.

Her knowledge and ability added enormous value and changed the way we do business.

Ben AngelAgent of Influence - Publicity expert
Deb Loveridge

“Congratulations on your win with Visy (Visy Industries $50 plus million dollar contract annually)! This has all been built off the wonderful relationship you created (with the Client) and I am confident this will be one of the great success stories of our time!”

Randstad is the world’s second-largest HR service provider

Deb LoveridgeFormer CEO of Randstad Australia
Corinna Essa

As a result of just one deal closed by Colleen, one of our companies generated $19,988 in sales. I highly recommend anyone looking to scale their business, generate sales, targeted leads and long-term profitable partnerships, to use Wisdom & Business’ services.

Corinna EssaDirector Social Media Worldwide
John Dwyer

John DwyerMarketing Expert Institute of Wow

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